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When a disaster strikes, Red Cross is often one of the first organisations there to respond and reach the people affected during their most vulnerable times.

To ensure we can assist rapidly and provide vital support during a disaster or emergency, it is critical to have stable and reliable income. It allows us to get relief items out to those who have lost their food or water supply, provide safe shelter for people with no home to return to, and to save lives by giving first aid to the injured.

We are also supporting local communities everyday that need assistance by helping them get ready for future disasters should they occur, prevent stigma and the spread of HIV and save lives by maintaining a safe blood supply (Link to blood page).

To help Samoa Red Cross continue to give vital support to those in need, donate today.

You can make a secure donation in the following ways:

Direct deposit
Red Cross Emergency Bank Account at Westpac Bank. Account number 200052079

Cheque paid in person to the Samoa Red Cross Office (link to Contact Us page), Moto’otua. We provide a receipt.

Donation boxes
These are clearly marked with the Red Cross emblem and located at airports, banks and hotels throughout Samoa

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